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Tunzamunni Slot Game

Tunzamunni slot is a progressive slot which is powered by Microgaming. This casino slot’s main feature is the progressive jackpot that is shown above the reels as you are playing. The main aim of this game is to bag that oh so wonderful jackpot. In fact, that is the only thing that there is to do in this game! Tunzamunni features 1 payline across 3 reels and 3 rows. The minimum bet for this jackpot slot is that of 0.05 with the maximum bet being that of 0.25.

Tunzamunni Symbols

Tunzamunni is a jungle-themed retro slot game. The reels themselves are set in the jungle but the symbols used are a nod to the good old floor casinos found across every pub.

The classic symbols feature three differently colour 7 symbols together with the three different iterations of the classic BAR symbol. The colours used to differentiate the 7 symbols are red, white and blue. The BAR symbols have a lower payout than the 7 symbols. Tunzammuni does not feature any wild or scatter symbols. It also lacks any kind of bonus game meaning that your sole focus when playing this game is to hit that jackpot.

Tunzamunni Jackpot

To be able to hit the much desired jackpot you will need to get the three sevens in exactly this colour order: white, red and blue. Once you get them in this specific order you would have won the amazing progressive jackpot! That’s not all that there is to this jackpot though as to be able to win this progressive jackpot you will need to be playing at max bet.

Tunzamunni Features

Tunzammuni features a max bet button that you can make use of to ensure that you are always betting the most so that with every spin you would be in the chance of winning that stupendous jackpot!

Another amazing feature that Microgaming have made sure to include in this slot game is the autospin feature. This can be found once you open up expert mode. Here you will find a button labelled auto-play and all that you need to do from here is decide how many times you want the reels to go and let them spin, baby, spin!

Just like all other Microgaming games Tunzammuni is also available on any mobile and tablet device. When playing on these devices no downloads are necessary and you would not be compromising anything at the way to play together with the user-friendly interface and the smooth gameplay all stay intact.

Graphics and Sound

The art style used for this specific slot is quite a cartoonish one as all the classic symbols have been reinvented in this highly inspired art style. As for the sound Microgaming have utilised very calm and realistic jungle sounds that constantly loop in the background thus giving this slot an amazing realistic feel together with an overall calming effect to it.


In conclusion, Tunzamunni is an amazingly retro slot game where there is only one focus and that is the amazing prgressive jackpot that is ever ticking up and up at the top of the reels.