Jam with these sharks!

Do you have the courage and will-power needed to play Razor Shark? Show everyone what you are made off and show those sharks who's in charge.

After you have proved yourself worthy Jammin' Jars are going to be showering you with a night of fun and adventures. Blast the tunes and spin the reels! Once the reels start spinning you would have opened up a portal to a whole new world of fun! Spin until you drop and you will have the chance of winning a share of €2,750 and 750 FreeSpins.


> Each player will receive one participating ticket with every €20 wagered on Jammin' Jars or Razor Shark

> Prizes shall be distributed on the 2nd of October 2020


  Place Prize  
  1 €2000  
  2 €500  
  3 €250  
  4 500 Free Spins  
  5 250 Free Spins