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Scratchcard- Match three- Pyramid grid, 6 symbols


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Diamond Rush Scratch Card Game

Diamond Rush scratch card game is the brightest and shiniest in all of the online scratch card games. With a simplistic & clean cartoon design this game is a glistening mineral not to miss out on! Diamond Rush will put you in the mining cart to victory with dollars and diamonds as the prize! Diamond Rush has a straight-forward aim to the scratch card game; You need to scratch away and match up “your numbers” to the “winning numbers” box. Authentic and immersive game design is always on top of the list from Hacksaw Gaming. They really make sure that all their scratch card games have the Hacksaw Gaming charm to them. Unique touches to the game make it the diamond in the rough here. For example your cursor will be a dollar sign instead of a coin for that extra irregular and glistening feel to the scratch card game.

Diamond Rush Special Features

To get the rush going, hit the buy button! This online scratchcard has a fixed amount to bet each time which cannot be changed. You can see the set amount in the bottom left corner of the game screen. For Diamond Rush you will have a dollar as your cursor for the extra cash money feel to the game. In Diamond Rush you can give yourself full control to scratch in whatever order or fashion you like, giving yourself a chance to slightly tease the chances of a big win! Else you have a scratch all button which will wipe the scratchcard clean instantly. Diamond Rush will allow you to set autoplay up for anything from 10 - 1000 bets with the advanced features of a loss limit which have a preset of 5x bet upto no limit with an additional custom option to get as specific and in depth as you like for the game. Diamond Rush also features a single win limit with the presets being from 10x bet right the way to no limit with once again, the custom option for the single win limit.

Diamond Rush Bonus & Free Spins

With this gem being a scratch card game, it doesn't unfortunately feature a bonus or free spin round. Essentially Hacksaw Gaming were keeping it to what a scratch card really is, simplistic and charming. When you buy a scratchcard, you play the card, it's hit and miss and we hope to win big but that’s all we’re really here for. Keeping it neat and clean with extra gleam!

Scratchcard- Match one- 2+16