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Achieve more with Carlos!


Carlos loves the game. He knows you do too!
Carlos has lots of achievements within games that will keep you fully entertained.

There are four different sections each catering for different tastes.
Each section has levels. Within each level are achievements to gain.

Achievements can be things like reach a target in a certain slot game.
You move up levels to get rewarded with more and better bonuses.


Switch which achievement style you are playing on by clicking the desired level in the widget and then clicking switch. 

Yet that is not all. There is more!
Earn your badge for each lifetime Achievement you score.


Wildcards - these Wilds give you the ability to more quickly advance through the achievements in each level.
How you ask? Simple just use your wildcard to buy off the achievement and mark it complete 



How do you earn these wildcards? When you make deposits you will start to earn a mark on the wildcard board.
Complete a line and earn the wildcards. 

There are more levels than in a skyscraper!

And you will have a ton of fun advancing through the game and getting to the Bettle heliport to take off with the cash!
It's truly immersive fun people who love to play.

Take the first step in achieving greatness today!